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This utility replicates data between two or more LAN's in a WAN, taking all business rules in consideration. Both systems can act as the delivery or sending site. This utility runs as a service on a Windows NT 4.0 machine, with fully configurable timer options. You can define them yourself to have a on-line system or a replication on specific time triggers (i.e. every 30 minutes), that can reduce communication costs.

Source code is available to add custom procedures to the replication system.

Full consulting on the implementation can be provided including the setup of the W.A.N. (i.e. with routers,...)

        Key Benefits

  • Up to four distributed networks  in a W.A.N.
  • Works with Dataflex and Client Server databases.
  • Even when the electricity or telephone company give up, your data is available at all sites. (i.e. New Zealand?)
  • The best solution to reduce communication cost.
  • Generating consistent database over the network with independent database locations.
  • Source code is available to enhance it with your custom procedures.
  • Runs as a service on a MS Windows NT 4.0 machine.
  • Implementation on the W.A.N. can be done by one of our technicians.

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    WAN Exchange Traffic Sniffer

  • When WAN Exchange is implemented as a Windows NT Service, it does not interact with the desktop. Therefor we have introduced a sniffer tool that displays the current status and gives you control over the software

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